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Ideal Solution for Oily Parts

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Cleaning & Pretreatment Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Process with Perchloroethylene

On the basis of the “like dissolves like” principle, perchloroethylene is the ideal substance for removing machining oils and greases. Combined with a suitable risk management process, the solvent not only produces excellent results, but also provides a cost-effective, environmentally responsible and safe cleaning process.

Perchloroethylene or perc is a chlorinated hydrocarbon with special physical and chemical properties that make it an efficient cleaning product. These include very good degreasing ability, low surface tension, high chemical stability and compatibility with a wide variety of materials.

Therefore, perc can effectively remove non-polar machining residues, such as oils and greases, from components made from all types of metals without causing corrosion, oxidation, discoloration, a matt finish or other damage to the surface. When the oil is cleaned off, particles and swarf are loosened from the surface of the component and are also removed.

Perc’s low evaporation levels...

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