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Coating Removal without Dichloromethane

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Coating Removal Environmentally Friendly Solutions for Hot and Cold Processes

New dichloromethane-free products are now available for hot and cold paint stripping. These products safely remove increasingly complex and durable paint systems and, at the same time, keep the health risks involved in the process to a minimum.

Paint coatings play an important role from both an economic and environmental perspective and are becoming increasingly complex. In addition, paints often have to be highly durable, which makes it more difficult to remove them from a variety of surfaces (including wood, metal and plastic) using paint strippers that are reliable and cause no damage to health.

Different acid, neutral, alkaline, organic and inorganic products are used, depending on the application, to remove coatings from various surfaces and components. Both hot and cold processes are available for this purpose.

Paint strippers for removing complex coatings are often based on dichloromethane or N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP). The use of these raw materials can cause serious damage...

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