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Making the Correct Use of Textured Powder Coatings

  • Claudia HetmankEmail author
Powder Coating Special Features and Practical Tips

The demand for textured powder coatings has been growing over the years. This article describes the different types of textured coatings and their applications and explains the influence of processing methods on the coarseness of the texture.

Textured powder coatings have played an important role in industry for many years and their popularity has been increasing. This article explains some of the uses for these coatings, their special features, properties and influencing factors.

Types of texture

Textured powder coatings vary widely in terms of their surface topography. The main distinction is between coarse and fine textures. The coarse-textured coatings come in a variety of forms, which range from relatively smooth through to rough and highly three-dimensional.

Fine-textured powder coatings have a filigree appearance. Different formulations produce very different levels of gloss and surface roughness (feel). The surface texture can be determined accurately by measuring the roughness...

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