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Award for Dürr Ecoclean

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In mid-June 2012, Dürr Ecoclean received a CMJ Machine-Building and Metal-Working Award for the development of its EcoCBase W3 cleaning system. This award, which was presented for the first time in eight categories in 2012 by the China National Machine Tool Corporation in conjunction with the CMJ Chinamac Journal (a specialist technical periodical) and Adsale Publishing House, recognises innovative technologies and outstanding achievements in the fields of machine tool building and toolmaking. The powerful, cost-effective machine uses innovative processes to produce improved cleaning results and increased energy efficiency. The award ceremony took place on 13 June as part of Cimes, the China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition, in Beijing.

Markus Reissmann, head of Dürr-Ecoclean Shanghai, presents the award-winning cleaning machine at the Cimes trade fair in Beijing.

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