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Faster and More Flexible Planning

Integrated System Solutions for the Automotive Industry
  • Manfred Hermanns

A newly developed software tool not only enables planned production lines to be visualised in detail, it also calculates parameters such as costs, process duration and production materials. The user is provided with comprehensive information as a basis for investment decisions.

_____ The life cycles of engine generations are becoming increasingly shorter. This is due above all to the challenge to develop smaller, downsized engines that are more fuel-efficient while still offering the same power output. Due to the high speed of innovation, the requirements to be met by production technology in powertrain production plants are also changing. What are required are systems that can be adapted as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible to changes in the product range or to production quantities — while still ensuring maximum output quality.

Dürr Ecoclean has been well-known for many years as a manufacturer of cleaning, filtration and automation technology as well as assembly and testing...


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