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Chemical Removal of Powder Coatings

Matching the Paint Stripping System to the Powder Coating
  • Carsten Zollitsch

Paint stripping systems that are optimally matched to the powder coating to be removed can help to save costs. The following report gives an overview of the current state of technology and presents a new cold paint stripping system.

_____ The basic differences between powder coatings and liquid coatings are the physical state of the coating and the coating process. Powder coatings are applied in a dry and finely ground state. Liquid coatings, as the name suggests, are in a liquid state. Both coatings are baked or dried after application. The baking process is of major significance for paint stripping. A higher baking temperature or a longer baking period makes paint stripping more difficult.

Powder coatings are quickly destroyed during paint stripping and flow from the surface of the substrate (fast paint stripping). Liquid coatings are usually infiltrated by the paint stripping agent and become detached from the substrate (slow paint stripping).

Paint stripping systems matched to the...


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