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Solving Three Problems with One Product

Ultra Thin Film and Low Temperature Powder Coating for Exterior Applications
  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
Powder Coating

A fan manufacturing company has chosen an ultra thin film powder for exterior use for the first time. The low temperature system allows the company not only to reduce its energy consumption, but also to meet its own strict environmental standards.

_____ Modern ultra thin film powders are becoming increasingly widely used in the field of powder coating. This type of powder has brought three benefits for a fan manufacturing company. Energy usage in the production process has been reduced as a result of the low temperature system, the powder meets the company’s stringent, internal environmental regulations and it can be used without problems for exterior applications.

Products manufactured by EBM-Papst can be found in the vast majority of businesses and households. The company, which is based in Germany, is a global innovation leader in the field of fans and motors. Its extensive product portfolio ranges from tiny fans for electronic applications through to huge fans and drive units for...


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