Travelling Waves in Monostable and Bistable Stochastic Partial Differential Equations

  • Christian KuehnEmail author
Survey Article


In this review, we provide a concise summary of several important mathematical results for stochastic travelling waves generated by monostable and bistable reaction-diffusion stochastic partial differential equations (SPDEs). In particular, this survey is intended for readers new to the topic but who have some knowledge in any sub-field of differential equations. The aim is to bridge different backgrounds and to identify the most important common principles and techniques currently applied to the analysis of stochastic travelling wave problems. Monostable and bistable reaction terms are found in prototypical dissipative travelling wave problems, which have already guided the deterministic theory. Hence, we expect that these terms are also crucial in the stochastic setting to understand effects and to develop techniques. The survey also provides an outlook, suggests some open problems, and points out connections to results in physics as well as to other active research directions in SPDEs.


Travelling wave Reaction-diffusion equation Stochastic partial differential equation Monostable nonlinearity Bistable nonlinearity Stability Wave speed 



I would like to thank the VolkswagenStiftung for support via a Lichtenberg Professorship. I also acknowledge the very helpful comments of two anonymous referees, of the editor and of Christian Hamster, who all helped to improve the presentation of the manuscript.


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