Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

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Failure analysis of brass bolt from mausoleum

  • W. Reitz
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Brass is usually considered to be a good candidate material for use in a nonaggressive corrosion environment. Brass 260 was used in a rural environment (at a mausoleum) as fixturing hardware that holds etched marble slabs that cover the interment region. After 12 years of service, the bolts began breaking, and the marble slabs crashed to the ground. Failure analysis investigation showed that “seasonal cracking” occurred due to interaction of the bolt with moisture and fertilizer. The company that designed the mausoleum hardware believed that the bolt manufacturer was at fault. However, the only specification given to the bolt manufacturer indicated alloy and dimensions. The bolts were replaced at considerable cost, proving once again that even a seemingly simple component can prove to be costly if not designed by the proper engineer.


brass corrosion corrosion failure analysis failure analysis residual stress stress-corrosion cracking 


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