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Process temperature/velocity-hardness-wear relationships for high-velocity oxyfuel sprayed nanostructured and conventional cermet coatings


High-velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) spraying of WC-12Co was performed using a feedstock in which the WC phase was either principally in the micron size range (conventional) or was engineered to contain a significant fraction of nanosized grains (multimodal). Three different HVOF systems and a wide range of spray parameter settings were used to study the effect of in-flight particle characteristics on coating properties. A process window with respect to particle temperature was identified for producing coatings with the highest resistance to dry abrasion. Although the use of a feedstock containing a nanosized WC phase produced harder coatings, there was little difference in the abrasion resistance of the best-performing conventional and multimodal coatings. However, there is a potential benefit in using the multimodal feedstock due to higher deposition efficiencies and a larger processing window.

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The original version of this article was published as part of the ASM Proceedings, Thermal Spray 2003: Advancing the Science and Applying the Technology, International Thermal Spray Conference (Orlando, FL), May 5–8, 2003, Basil R. Marple and Christian Moreau, Ed., ASM International, 2003.

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