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Elastic modulus measurements via laser-ultrasonic and knoop indentation techniques in thermally sprayed coatings


Nondestructive techniques for evaluating and characterizing coatings were extensively demanded by the thermal spray community; nonetheless, few results have been produced in practice due to difficulties in analyzing the complex structure of thermal spray coatings. Of particular interest is knowledge of the elastic modulus values and Poisson’s ratios, which are very important when seeking to understand and/or model the mechanical behavior or to develop life prediction models of thermal spray coatings used in various applications (e.g., wear, fatigue, and high temperatures). In the current study, two techniques, laser-ultrasonics and Knoop indentation, were used to determine the elastic modulus of thermal spray coatings. Laser-ultrasonics is a noncontact and nondestructive evaluation method that uses lasers to generate and detect ultrasound. Ultrasonic velocities in a material are directly related to its elastic modulus value. The Knoop indentation technique, which has been widely used as a method for determining elastic modulus values, was used to compare and validate the measurements of the laser-ultrasonic technique. The determination of elastic modulus values via the Knoop indentation technique is based on the measurement of elastic recovery of the dimensions of the Knoop indentation impression. The approach used in the current study was to focus on evaluating the elastic modulus of very uniform, dense, and near-isotropic titania and WC-Co thermal spray coatings using these two techniques. Four different coatings were evaluated: two titania coatings produced by air plasma spray (APS) and high-velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) and two types of WC-Co coatings, conventional and multimodal (nanostructured and microsized particles), deposited by HVOF.

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