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Reassessment of Ni-Al and Ni-Fe-Al solidus temperatures


Solidus temperatures of the B2 NiAl phase have been determined by high-temperature differential thermal analysis for binary melt compositions NixAl100−x (45<x<57) and for ternary alloys FeyNi50−yAl50 (0≤y≤50). It was shown that the melting temperature of the stoichiometric Ni50Al50 phase is 1681 °C, which is 43 K higher than some literature data. The solidus line at the Ni-rich side of the Ni-Al phase diagram exhibits a steeper slope than that reported previously. Substituting Fe for Ni, the decrease of solidus temperature along the isoplethal section with 50 at.% Al of the ternary Ni-Fe-Al phase diagram exhibits a steep initial slope of −13 K/at.% Fe for small Fe-fractions, which changes into a nearly linear decrease with an average slope of −8.5 K/at.% Fe.

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