Effect of deformation temperature on the mechanical behavior and deformation mechanisms of Al-Al2O3 metal matrix composites

  • A. A. Mazen


Aluminum-alumina (Al-Al2O3) metal matrix composite (MMC) materials were fabricated using the powder metallurgy (PM) techniques of hot pressing followed by hot extrusion. Different reinforcement weight fractions were used, that is, 0, 2.5, 5, and 10 wt% Al2O3. The effect of deformation temperature was investigated through hot tensile deformation conducted at different temperatures. The microstructures of the tested specimens were also investigated to characterize the operative softening mechanisms.

The yield and tensile strength of the Al-Al2O3 were found to improve as a function of reinforcement weight fraction. With the exception of Al-10wt%Al2O3, the MMC showed better strength and behavior at high temperatures than the unreinforced matrix. The uniform deformation range was found to decrease for the same reinforcement weight fraction, as a function of temperature. For the same deformation temperature, it increases as a function of reinforcement weight fraction.

Both dynamic recovery and dynamic recrystallization were found to be operative in Al-Al2O3 MMC as a function of deformation temperature. Dynamic recovery is dominant in the lower temperature range, while dynamic recrystallization is more dominant at the higher range. The increase in reinforcement weight fraction was found to lead to early nucleation of recrystallization. No direct relationship was established as far as the number of grains nucleated due to each reinforcement particle.


aluminum/alumina deformation temperature dynamic recovery dynamic recrystallization high temperature deformation metal matrix composites powder metallurgy softening 


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