The effect of sputtering on kinetics of compound zone formation in the plasma nitriding of 3% Cr-Mo-V Steel

  • E. Roliński
  • G. Sharp


Kinetic studies of compound zone formation in plasma nitriding of 3% Cr-Mo-V DIN 39CrMoV13.9 steel were performed at 538 °C in a mixture of 30% N2 and 70% H2. It was found that the process could be described by a half-order polynomial equation and that the TableCurve®2D software can be used to analyze the effect of sputtering on the kinetic. The sputtering rate (SR) was found to be about 0.03 µm/h. The short nitriding cycles (up to 24 h) produced a mixture of the γ′ and ε nitrides and the longer cycles (up to 400 h) produced the γ′ single-phase layer. The presence of the ε phase resulted in faster sputtering as well as faster diffusional growth of the compound zone.


3Cr-M0-V steel compound growth rates mechanisms of compound growth nitrogen-hydrogen plasma plasma nitriding 


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  • E. Roliński
    • 1
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  • G. Sharp
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  1. 1.Advanced Heat Treat CorporationMonroe
  2. 2.Waterloo

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