, Volume 43, Issue 3, pp 421–445

Family structure and income inequality in families with children, 1976 to 2000

  • Molly A. Martin


Using 24 years of data from the March supplements to the Current Population Survey and detailed categories of family structure, including cohabiting unions, I assess the contribution of changes in family structure to the dramatic rise in family income inequality. Between 1976 and 2000, family structure shifts explain 41% of the increase in inequality, but the influence of family structure change is not uniform within this period or across racial-ethnic groups. In general, the estimated role of family structure change is inversely related to the magnitude of the changes in inequality. Furthermore, by including cohabitation, I find lower levels of total inequality and a weaker role for demographic shifts in family structure for trends in income inequality.


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  • Molly A. Martin
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  1. 1.Department of SociologyThe Pennsylvania State UniversityUniversity Park

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