Granulomatous Mastitis: A New York Public Hospital Experience



Granulomatous mastitis is an uncommon chronic inflammatory breast condition that is characterized by granulomatous inflammation. Granulomatous mastitis presents a challenging clinical scenario, because it can mimic carcinoma. The etiology and optimal treatment remain unclear. We report our experience with granulomatous mastitis patients who presented to our clinic within the past 2 years and describe their response to our treatment modalities.


Our clinic records were reviewed for the diagnosis of granulomatous mastitis. Charts were used to collect clinical data, patients were reinter viewed, and physicians completed detailed reports on their management of these cases. All cases were diagnosed with granulomatous mastitis based on histological findings and by ruling out other etiologies.


Twenty-four patients were identified. The mean age was 34 years. Fifty-three percent of our patients emigrated from Mexico. Most patients were treated with prednisone and/or methotrexate with overall response rate greater than 80 %. Cases that failed to improve were treated with other modalities, including antituberculosis drugs.


Granulomatous mastitis remains a difficult entity to diagnose and to treat. The clinical course of patients often is prolonged. Exclusion of other causes of granulomatous conditions is essential before initiating anti-inflammatory treatment.

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