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Multicentric Ipsilateral Invasive Breast Carcinomas Might have Higher 21-Gene Recurrence Score Compared with Multifocal Ipsilateral Invasive Breast Carcinomas

  • Kadri AltundagEmail author
Breast Oncology

Dear Editor,

I want to congratulate Grabenstetter and collegaues for their article in which they investigated the concordance of the 21-gene recurrence score (RS) in multifocal (MF)/multicentric (MC) ipsilateral invasive breast carcinomas (BCs) with similar histology.1 They reported that morphologically similar multifocal ipsilateral BCs have concordant RS in 87% (46/53) of cases. However, the authors did not describe the number of cases with MC or MF tumors that may affect outcome. A retrospective, institutional database was used to compare characteristics of MF and MC BCs with unifocal cancers. They reported that MF and MC tumors seem to be biologically different diseases. MC BCs are clinicopathologically more aggressive than MF BCs, are more frequently associated with younger age and larger tumor size, and also are an independent predictor of node positivity.2 Therefore, MC BCs might have higher RS compared with MF BCs. This issue merits further investigation.


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