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Pharyngolaryngo-Esophagectomy with Laparoscopic Gastric Pull-Up: A Reappraisal for the Pharyngoesophageal Junction Cancer

  • Cristiano HuscherEmail author
  • Andrea Mingoli
  • Andrea Mereu
  • Giovanna Sgarzini
Head and Neck Oncology



Surgical treatment of advanced hypopharyngeal tumors is still a surgical challenge. We report a case of a hypopharyngeal tumor treated with a pharyngolaryngo-esophagectomy (PLE) and laparoscopic gastric tubulization and interposition.


A 56-year-old man presented with a relapsing hypopharynx carcinoma, after primary chemoradiation therapy. Preoperative workup showed a stage IV cancer with esophageal invasion and multiple cervical lymph node metastases. Surgical treatment consisted of a cervical phase, with larynx, pharynx, and esophagus dissection, radical lymph node dissection, homolateral hemithyroidectomy and definitive tracheostomy, and an abdominal phase with a 4-trocar laparoscopy. The gastrocolic ligament was opened, and short gastric and left gastric vessels were divided preserving an accessory left hepatic artery. Gastric tailoring was carried out with 45-mm linear staplers. The hiatus was opened and the esophagus dissected free with Ultracision (Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Cincinnati, OH) to the tracheal bifurcation. The upper esophagus was bluntly mobilized by finger and sponge stick dissection. The gastric tube was pulled up, and the anastomosis between the stomach and the tongue base was performed with a 2-layer interrupted hand-sewn technique.


Total operative time was 390 min (abdominal time 180 min). Estimated blood loss was 400 cc. The number of dissected cervical lymph nodes was 32. Oral feeding was started after 10 days, and the patient was discharged after 14 days. Stage of disease was pT4N1M0 G3 R0.


Laparoscopic surgery allows a minimally invasive gastric tailoring and tubulization and transhiatal esophageal dissection and represents a valuable alternative for intestinal reconstruction after PLE.

CT scan showing a large hypopharynx carcinoma involving cervical lymph nodes and cervical esophagus


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  • Cristiano Huscher
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  • Andrea Mingoli
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  • Andrea Mereu
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  • Giovanna Sgarzini
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  1. 1.SurgeryUniversity of MoliseIserniaItaly
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  3. 3.General SurgerySan Giovanni HospitalRomeItaly

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