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Influence of a Combination of Chemical Enhancers and Iontophoresis on In Vitro Transungual Permeation of Nystatin

  • Daniela MontiEmail author
  • Emanuele Egiziano
  • Susi Burgalassi
  • Silvia Tampucci
  • Eleonora Terreni
  • Serena Tivegna
  • Patrizia Chetoni
Research Article


To promote transungual permeation of nystatin (NYST), molecule with high molecular weight, no water-soluble, amphoteric by iontophoresis. The synergic effect of the combination of cetylpyridinium chloride, CPC, or polyoxyethylene (20) sorbitan monooleate, TW80, and iontophoresis was investigated. In vitro permeation experiments were carried out through bovine hoof slices using vertical diffusion cells. A low current density (0.2 mA/cm2) was applied by introducing Ag/AgCl electrodes in the donor (anode) and receptor (cathode) chambers. The donor phase consisted of a solution, a suspension, or gel-type vehicles containing NYST and surfactants in pH 5.6 HEPES buffer. The addition of CPC to NYST suspension (SOSP) produced a fivefold increase on the permeability of the bovine hoof membrane to the drug. The application of anodal iontophoresis further improved NYST flux. Conversely, NYST transungual permeation was not influenced by TW80 either in the passive diffusion or iontophoretic flux. Furthermore, the iontophoretic treatment does not appear to induce irreversible alterations to the hoof bovine membranes. The present work demonstrated the efficacy of iontophoresis as a treatment for different nail pathologies with large molecules very slightly soluble in water without irreversibly affecting the nail structure. A synergistic effect between CPC and iontophoresis was observed.


transungual permeation bovine hoof membrane iontophoresis nystatin 


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