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ABCB6, an ABC Transporter Impacting Drug Response and Disease

  • Rebba C. Boswell-Casteel
  • Yu Fukuda
  • John D. Schuetz
Review Article Theme: Roles of Transporters in Disease and Drug Therapy
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  1. Theme: Roles of Transporters in Disease and Drug Therapy


Recent findings have discovered how insufficiency of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter, ABCB6, can negatively impact human health. These advances were made possible by, first, finding that ABCB6 deficiency was the genetic basis for some severe transfusion reactions and by, second, determining that functionally impaired ABCB6 variants enhanced the severity of porphyria, i.e., diseases associated with defects in heme synthesis. ABCB6 is a broad-spectrum porphyrin transporter that is capable of both exporting and importing heme and its precursors across the plasma membrane and outer mitochondrial membrane, respectively. Biochemical studies have demonstrated that while ABCB6 influences the antioxidant system by reducing the levels of reactive oxygen species, the exact mechanism is currently unknown, though effects on heme synthesis are likely. Furthermore, it is unknown what biochemical or cellular signals determine where ABCB6 localizes in the cell. This review highlights the major recent findings on ABCB6 and focuses on details of its structure, mechanism, transport, contributions to cellular stress, and current clinical implications.


ABCB6 heme liver porphyrin toxicity transporter 



We would like to thank all the members of the Schuetz Lab for the suggestions to improve this manuscript.

Funding Information

This work was supported by NIH grants R01CA194057, P30 CA21745, CA21865, CA194057, CA096832, and by ALSAC.


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  • Yu Fukuda
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