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Table 1 Selected key properties from ATM D7566 standard [7]

From: Enhancing the lubricity of gas-to-liquid (GTL) paraffinic kerosene: impact of the additives on the physicochemical properties

Analyzed Property ASTM Method Unit Minimum Limit Maximum Limit
Density D4052 g/cm3 0.775 0.840
Viscosity at −40 °C D445 cSt 12.00
Flash Point D93 oC 38.0
Freezing Point D5972 oC −40.0
Net Heat of Combustion D240 MJ/kg 42.8
Lubricity D5001 mm 0.85
Distillation D86    
10% recovered, Temperature oC 205
50% recovered, Temperature oC Report
90% recovered, Temperature oC Report
Final boiling point, Temperature oC 300
Distillation residue % 1.5
Distillation loss % 1.5