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Table 1 Spring 2018 student interview questions

From: Vigilante Innovation (VIX): case study on the development of student skills through a team-based design process and environment

Question # Questions
1 What year in school are you?
2 What are your majors?
3 What are your minors?
4a If you had to rank yourself on problem-solving ability from 1, meaning not very good at it, to 10, which means you are an expert, how would you rank yourself?
5a What are your future career goals?
6 How many semesters have you been in the SyBBURE Searle Program?
7a How valuable to you is problem-solving in your career, from 1 being not valuable at all to 10 being very valuable?
8 How many VIX projects have you participated in?
9 How did the project idea come about?
10 Did you contribute to the project conception? If so, how? If not, why did you not contribute?
11 How many semesters did (each of these) this/ project(s) last?
12 Please tell me how many people were in your group, and what kind of characteristics they had that added to the group?
13 If you have participated in multiple groups, what combination of people characteristic did you think worked the best, and why?
14 Was a prototype created?
15 Was the prototype tested?
16a Can you describe the community surrounding VIX?
17a Do you know what human-centered design is? (Give definition if they do not know)
18a Do you feel that you used human-centered design in VIX? Why?
19a Has VIX changed your perspective of design?
  1. aData not included in the current case study