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Table 1 List of notations

From: Collaborative neighbor discovery in directional wireless sensor networks: algorithm and analysis

Symbol Definition
\(\mathcal {S}\) Set of all sensor nodes
\(\mathcal {M}\) Set of sectors of directional antenna
P t Transmission probability
r Communication radius of each sensor
\(\mathcal {K}\) Delay tuning parameter
A Deployment area of the network
ρ Network density
\(\mathcal {T}_{a}\) Neighbor table of node \(a \in \mathcal {S}\)
E n Expected number of nodes in the neighborhood
\(\mathcal {N}_{e}^{m}\) Number of expected neighbor nodes in a sector \(m \in \mathcal {M}\)
\(\mathcal {N}_{d}^{m}\) Number of discovered neighbor nodes after an iteration
\(\mathcal {F}\) Flag indicating a neighbor is discovered directly or indirectly
\(\mathcal {R}\) Iteration for neighbor discovery
x Mini sub-slot of a slot x
δ m Parameter that tunes \(\mathcal {K}\)