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Table 2 List of potential drugs for SARS-CoV-2 infection based on the network cluster analysis

From: Inferring SARS-CoV-2 functional genomics from viral transcriptome with identification of potential antiviral drugs and therapeutic targets

Clusters SARS-CoV-2 gene SR gene Drug Interaction types
Cluster A S, E, M, N, ORF7a C3 Zinc chloride Inhibitor, ligand
C3 Methyldopa Unknown
S, E, N, ORF3a C1R Zinc chloride Modulator
C1R Methyldopa Unknown
S, E, N, ORF3a C1S Zinc chloride Modulator
C1S Methyldopa Unknown
S, E, M, N, ORF3a CFB Methyldopa Unknown
Cluster B S, E, M PSMB3 Bortezomib Inhibitor
PSMB3 Carfilzomib Inhibitor
PSMB3 Ixazomib citrate Inhibitor
S, E, N, ORF1ab, ORF3a PSMC5 Carfilzomib Inhibitor
PSMC5 Bortezomib Inhibitor
PSMC5 Ixazomib citrate Inhibitor
M, ORF1ab, ORF7a, ORF8 PSMC3 Carfilzomib Inhibitor
PSMC3 Bortezomib Inhibitor
PSMC3 Ixazomib citrate Inhibitor