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Table 1 Household structure, educational and socio-economic characteristics of the study participants

From: Reproductive health problems in rural South African young women: risk behaviour and risk factors

  Proportion of participants
Household structure
 Median number of people in the household (range) 6 (1–18)
 Median number of adults (≥18 years) in the household (range) 4 (0–14)
 Median number of children in the household (range) 2 (0–11)
 Living with both of her biological parents 19.8% (279/1411)
 Living with one of the biological parents or other adults 80.0% (1129/1411)
 Did not have any adults in the household 0.2% (3/1411)
 Participants 18 years or older were the only adult in the household 1.3% (19/1411)
Highest level of education in the household (excluding study participant)
 High School 88.0% (1236/1404)
 Tertiary level of education 12.0% (168/1404)
Proportion of adults employed in the household
 No adults employed 43.1% (607/1408)
 1–49% of adults employed 30.8% (424/1408)
  ≥ 50% of adults employed 26.1% (367/1408)