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Table 2 Eligibility criteria for different rounds of Victorian Internship Match

From: Exploring preference for, and uptake of, rural medical internships, a key issue for supporting rural training pathways

Eligible for first round:
Victorian-trained domestic graduates (Priority Group 1)
Eligible for second round:
Victorian-trained international graduates (Priority Group 2)
Eligible for third round:
Graduates from other Australian jurisdictions or from accredited overseas campuses (Priority Group 3)
▪ Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents graduating from a Victorian medical school.
Includes both Commonwealth supported and domestic full fee-paying students (i.e. graduates of University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University and University of Notre Dame: Melbourne & Ballarat Clinical Schools).
▪ Australian temporary resident graduates of Victorian medical schools (i.e. international students graduating from the same list of Victorian universities and clinical schools). ▪ Australian and New Zealand citizen/permanent resident graduating from interstate or New Zealand universities (including previous residents of Victoria).
▪ Australian temporary resident graduates of interstate universities;
▪ Graduates from an overseas campus of an Australian/New Zealand University accredited by the Australian Medical Council (e.g. Monash University – Sunway Campus, Malaysia)