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Table 4 Baseline: Annual costs of warfarin therapy (2018 prices)

From: Modeling patients’ time, travel, and monitoring costs in anticoagulation management: societal savings achievable with the shift from warfarin to direct oral anticoagulants

 Annual Cost (EUR)Share (%)Per Patient (EUR) 
Total cost of warfarin therapy:3,789,930100.0  
 Direct costs2,781,82073.4610(N = 4560)
  INR measurements and monitoring2,570,45067.8564(N = 4560)
  Warfarin medication211,3705.646(N = 4560)
 Indirect costs1,008,11026.6  
  Time costs of INR measurements and monitoring193,0205.142(N = 4560)
  Travel costs715,99018.9181(N = 3961)
  Travel time costs99,1002.625(N = 3961)