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Table 1 Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the range of antimicrobials tested against E. coli BacRep containing empty pSMART BAC vector

From: Functional screening of a human saliva metagenomic DNA reveal novel resistance genes against sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine

Antimicrobial agents MIC Range
Sodium hypochlorite 0.025% 0.003125–0.1%
Chlorhexidine 1.0 μg/ml 0.313–10 μg/ml
Sodium benzoate 40 mg/ml 1.25–40 mg/ml
CTAB 4 μg/ml 1–32 μg/ml
Triclosan 30 μg/ml 0.16–80 μg/ml
Tetracycline 5 μg/ml 0.5–15 µg/ml
Erythromycin 175 μg/ml 75–200 μg/ml