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Table 2 Sample characteristics

From: Influence of premium vs masked cigarette brand names on the experienced taste of a cigarette after tobacco plain packaging in Australia: an experimental study

  Percent (%)
 Male 61.3
 Female 38.7
 Up to Year 12 24.0
 Tertiary education and above 76.0
Socio-economic statusa
 Low 31.1
 Mid 44.6
 High 24.3
Number of years smoking
  < =5 22.7
  > =6 77.3
Readiness to quit
 Contemplators/Preparers 22.7
 Pre-contemplators 77.3
  Mean (SD)
Age 29.13(6.02)
Heaviness of smokingb 2.09(1.33)
Level of craving 3.76(1.16)
Brand Variant N
 Winfield Original Blue 22
 Peter Jackson Original Blue 19
 Peter Stuyvesant Classic Blue 11
 Benson & Hedges Smooth 9
 Marlboro Gold 8
 Dunhill Distinct Blue 6
  1. an = 74 due to missing data on this variable
  2. b2 participants responded “don’t know” to the question assessing time to first cigarette. As this variable was combined with the number of daily cigarettes category-level variable to calculate HSI, the corresponding category for number of daily cigarettes was imputed for the time to first cigarette score