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Table 1

From: Expanding application of digital pathology in Japan - from education, telepathology to autodiagnosis

Major Developmental Steps of Digital Pathology in Japan
1991 Open experiment of satellite telepathology challenged (Kyoto)
1992 Use of a digital line, ISDN net 64, for a still image telepathology (Kyoto)
1993 Introduction and prevalence of internet started in academic institutions
1995 Use of digital images in routine surgical pathology started (Kyoto)
1997 Web based internet telecytology started (Hokkaido)
2003 Virtual slide (VS) system development, domestic in Japan (Aomori)
2004 Use of VS system for pathology laboratory education (Yamaguchi)
2005 Network conferences using VS systems challenged
2006 Use of VS images in hospital information system (Toyama)
2007 VS telepathology using a public optic fibre line started (Kyoto)
2007 Introduction of VS system supported by Japanese government having its peak
2008 Quantification of immunostain VS images introduced
2009 Quantification of immunostain VS images on business (Toyama)
2009 Diagnostic consultation of difficult tumour cases using VS in National Cancer Centre, Tokyo, in progress (Tokyo)
2009 Diagnostic aid system development challenged (Kanagawa)
2009 Experimental diagnostic aid system for prostate carcinoma (Kyoto)