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Table 3 List of metabolites with significant postprandial relative changes after 60 min of test bread intake (rye versus wheat bread)

From: Postprandial differences in the plasma metabolome of healthy Finnish subjects after intake of a sourdough fermented endosperm rye bread versus white wheat bread

Metabolite Rye
Index 1
Index 1
value 2
value 3
Metabolites that significantly increase after RB and significantly decrease after WB intake     
Methionine 0.29 -0.16 0.010 0.003
Phenylalanine 0.86 -2.48 0.017 0.005
Metabolite that significantly decrease after RB and significantly increase after WB intake     
Picolinic acid -3.82 10.07 0.018 0.013
  1. 1 The rye and wheat indices were calculated as follows: Relative change xijk = (Peak area xijk at 30 min - Peak area xijk at baseline)/(median of peak areas xijk) where xij is the metabolite i measured for each subject j (j = 1-16) and bread k (k = 1 (rye bread), 2 (wheat bread). 2 Paired samples t-test. 3 q-values were calculated from p-value distribution obtained from paired samples t-test.