Correction to: To develop a regional ICU mortality prediction model during the first 24 h of ICU admission utilizing MODS and NEMS with six other independent variables from the critical care information system (CCIS) Ontario, Canada

  • Raymond KaoEmail author
  • Fran Priestap
  • Allan Donner
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Correction to: J Intensive Care

In the original publication of this article [1], there were several transcription errors in the logistic regression equation model as below:
  1. a.

    Equation published:

    Log [Mortality (at 24 h ICU admission)] = −5.18 + 0.80[age(40–79)] + 1.71[age(>80)] + 0.60[Sex(male = 0 and female = 1) + 0.98[Other source admission] + 0.00[Operating room/post-anesthesia care] + 1.00[ER admission] + 1.12[Hospital-outside or within LHIN] + 1.60[Ward admission] Cardiovascular/Cardiac/Vascular] + 0.00[−0.81[Other diagnosis]− 0.80[Gastrointestinal] − 0.56[Respiratory] − 0.32[Trauma] + 0.002[Neurological] − 0.30[ICU re-admission] − 0.21[CCI(1–3)] + 0.05[CCI(>3)] + 0.0[NEMS(0–22)] + 0.39 [NEMS(23–29)] + 1.02[NEMS(≥300] + 1.18[MODS(1–4)] +1.91[MODS(5–8)] + 2.90[MODS(9–120] + 3.56[MODS(≥130].

  1. b.
    Corrected equation:
    $$ Logit\ \left[ Mortality\ \left( at\ 24\ h\ ICU\ admission\right)\right]=-5.41+0.00\left[ age\left(0-39\right)\right]+0.80\left[ age\ \left(40-79\right)\right]+1.71\left[ age\left(>80\right)\right]-0.06\left[ Sex\ \left( male=0\ and\ female=1\right)\right]+0.98\left[ Other\ source\ admission\right]+0.00\left[ Operating\ room/ post\ anesthesia\ care\right]+1.00\left[ ER\ admission\right]+1.12\ \left[ Hospital- outside\ or\ within\ LHIN\right]+1.60\left[ Ward\ admission\right]+0.00\left[ Cardiovascular/ Cardiac/ Vascular\right]-0.81\left[ Other\ diagnosis\right]-0.80\left[ Gastrointestinal\right]-0.56\left[ Respiratory\right]-0.32\ \left[ Trauma\right]+0.002\left[ Neurological\right]+0.30\left[ ICU\ re- admission\right]-0.21\left[ CCI\ \left(1-3\right)\right]+0.05\left[ CCI\left(>3\right)\right]+0.0\left[ NEMS\ \left(0-22\right)\right]+0.39\ \left[ NEMS\ \left(23-29\right)\right]+1.02\left[ NEMS\left(\ge 30\right)\right]+1.18\left[ MODS\ \left(1-4\right)\right]+1.91\left[ MODS\ \left(5-8\right)\right]+2.90\left[ MODS\ \left(9-12\right)\right]+3.56\left[ MODS\ \left(\ge 13\right)\right]. $$

The authors sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the readers.


  1. 1.
    Kao, et al. J Intensive Care. 2016;4:16.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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  1. 1.Department of National DefenseRoyal Canadian Medical ServicesOttawaCanada
  2. 2.London Health Sciences Center, Divisions of Critical Care and Robarts Research InstituteWestern UniversityLondonCanada
  3. 3.Harvard School of Public HealthHarvard UniversityBostonUSA

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