Increased Nerve Fibers in Placental Bed Myometrium in Women With Preeclampsia


Narrowing of the uterine spiral arterioles below the deciduomyometrial junction is 1 of the key pathophysiological changes in women with preeclampsia. The contribution of pelvic autonomic nerves to decidualization and impaired placentation in preeclampsia is not clear. Placental bed biopsies were obtained from 10 women with preeclampsia and 23 nornotensive women at Caesarean section. We stained them with anti-S100 and CD34 antibodies to detect the presence of nerve fibers and blood vessels, respectively. We detected S100-immunoactive nerve fibers in the myometrium but not in the decidua in both groups of women. S100-immunoactive nerve fiber density in the placental bed myometrium was significantly increased in women with preeclampsia compared to normotensive women. There was no clear relationship between the densities of nerve fibers and CD34-positive blood vessels in these biopsies. These results suggest increased nerve fibers in the placental bed myometrium may play a role in the pathogenesis of the preeclampsia.

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  • preeclampsia
  • nerve fibers
  • placental bed
  • decidua
  • myometrium