Leveraging the Internet to Deliver Dramatic Cost Efficiencies: Webcasting in Clinical Research

  • Ellis WilsonJr


Conducting clinical research is a communication-intensive process requiring considerable integration between industry sponsors, physician investigators, contract research organizations, and investigative site personnel. A number of approaches, including investigators’ meetings, have been embraced in an effort to meet training and communication objectives. Can the Internet, and in particular Webcasting, be leveraged to meet these objectives while delivering dramatic cost efficiencies?

This paper provides a thorough and practical review of Webcasting in clinical research, including developing a detailed request for proposal, selecting the optimal Webcasting partner, communicating with investigative sites, hardware/software specifications, strategies on security, and contingency planning. The dramatic cost efficiencies over traditional investigators’ meetings and the new flexibilities offered through the availability of an archived event on a secure Web site are highlighted. Additionally, a careful and candid examination of the pros and cons of the Webcasting platform for delivering investigators’ meetings is offered. This overview will provide readers with the data and tools to determine the best fit for this technology.

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