Research on Chemical Intermediates

, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 83–90 | Cite as

Metameric esters ketonization in the vapor phase over solid catalyst

  • R. Klimkiewicz
  • H. Grabowska
  • L. Syper


Ketonization of metameric esters n-hexyl acetate and ethyl n-hexanoate was carried out in the vapor phase over Sn-Ce-Rh-O catalyst at 370°C and at 1 and 3 h-1 load. In both cases the main products were dimethyl ketone, dipentyl ketone and methyl pentyl ketone; however, the compositions and ratios of the products obtained from both esters were different. The transformation pathways of both esters were inferred based on the quantitative differences in the composition of the products. The ratios of the particular compounds obtained during transformation of both esters indicate that the reactions proceeded simultaneously - through β-ketoesters with partial thermal decomposition of esters and secondary condensation of the formed aldehydes. Also the way of creation of ketones resulting from secondary condensation was proposed.



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  • R. Klimkiewicz
  • H. Grabowska
  • L. Syper

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