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Photoinduced electron-transfer reactions in a host-guest assembly of mono-6-p-nitrobenzoyl-β-cyclodextrin with N-(1-naphthylacetyl)-1-adamantanamine

  • Yong-Hui Wang
  • Yao Fu
  • Man-Zhou Zhu
  • Xin Huang
  • Qing-Xiang Guo


Photoinduced electron transfer was studied in a supramolecular complex assembled by an electron-donating substrate (N-(1-naphthylacetyl)-1-adamantanamine (1)) and an electron-accepting receptor (p-nitrobenzoyl-β-cyclodextrin (NBCD)), which was stabilized by hydrophobic interactions in water/methanol (9 : 1) binary solvents. Fluorescence quenching results indicated that the electron transfer process occurred in a intra-supramolecular system. The electron transfer reactions of 1- or 2-naphthyl acetate with NBCD were also studied, and upward Stern-Volmer curves were obtained. It is concluded that two different electron transfer pathways, intra-supramolecular and inter-molecular electron transfer processes, exist.



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  • Yong-Hui Wang
  • Yao Fu
  • Man-Zhou Zhu
  • Xin Huang
  • Qing-Xiang Guo

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