Efficient Video Transcoding from H.263 to H.264/AVC Standard with Enhanced Rate Control

  • Viet-Anh NguyenEmail author
  • Yap-Peng Tan
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  1. Advanced Video Technologies and Applications for H.264/AVC and Beyond


A new video coding standard H.264/AVC has been recently developed and standardized. The standard represents a number of advances in video coding technology in terms of both coding efficiency and flexibility and is expected to replace the existing standards such as H.263 and MPEG-1/2/4 in many possible applications. In this paper we investigate and present efficient syntax transcoding and downsizing transcoding methods from H.263 to H.264/AVC standard. Specifically, we propose an efficient motion vector reestimation scheme using vector median filtering and a fast intraprediction mode selection scheme based on coarse edge information obtained from integer-transform coefficients. Furthermore, an enhanced rate control method based on a quadratic model is proposed for selecting quantization parameters at the sequence and frame levels together with a new frame-layer bit allocation scheme based on the side information in the precoded video. Extensive experiments have been conducted and the results show the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed methods.


Quantum Information Selection Scheme Motion Vector Allocation Scheme Quadratic Model 


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