RD Optimized, Adaptive, Error-Resilient Transmission of MJPEG2000-Coded Video over Multiple Time-Varying Channels

  • Scott BezanEmail author
  • Shahram Shirani
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  1. Video Analysis and Coding for Robust Transmission


To reliably transmit video over error-prone channels, the data should be both source and channel coded. When multiple channels are available for transmission, the problem extends to that of partitioning the data across these channels. The condition of transmission channels, however, varies with time. Therefore, the error protection added to the data at one instant of time may not be optimal at the next. In this paper, we propose a method for adaptively adding error correction code in a rate-distortion (RD) optimized manner using rate-compatible punctured convolutional codes to an MJPEG2000 constant rate-coded frame of video. We perform an analysis on the rate-distortion tradeoff of each of the coding units (tiles and packets) in each frame and adapt the error correction code assigned to the unit taking into account the bandwidth and error characteristics of the channels. This method is applied to both single and multiple time-varying channel environments. We compare our method with a basic protection method in which data is either not transmitted, transmitted with no protection, or transmitted with a fixed amount of protection. Simulation results show promising performance for our proposed method.


Information Technology Quantum Information Error Correction Fixed Amount Error Correction Code 


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