Generalized Sampling Theorem for Bandpass Signals

  • Ales ProkesEmail author
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The reconstruction of an unknown continuously defined function Open image in new window from the samples of the responses of Open image in new window linear time-invariant (LTI) systems sampled by the Open image in new window th Nyquist rate is the aim of the generalized sampling. Papoulis (1977) provided an elegant solution for the case where Open image in new window is a band-limited function with finite energy and the sampling rate is equal to Open image in new window times cutoff frequency. In this paper, the scope of the Papoulis theory is extended to the case of bandpass signals. In the first part, a generalized sampling theorem (GST) for bandpass signals is presented. The second part deals with utilizing this theorem for signal recovery from nonuniform samples, and an efficient way of computing images of reconstructing functions for signal recovery is discussed.


Information Technology Sampling Rate Quantum Information Generalize Sampling Signal Recovery 


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