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Interaction between an aerodynamically driven, wall-bound drop and a single groove


The interaction between an air-driven, wall-bound drop and a groove in the wall of a channel flow has been investigated experimentally using a high-speed video system. Three major outcomes of drop interaction with the groove are observed: (i) the drop passes over the groove, (ii) the drop is immediately fully captured in the groove or (iii) the drop is captured after first wetting the rear side of the groove. The mechanisms leading to these different outcomes are governed by the aerodynamic drag force, by inertial and gravity forces, and by the adhesion force associated with the substrate wettability. A threshold condition for drop capture is developed, based on the ratio of the typical time for drop passage over the groove to the time for the drop to be sucked into the groove. It has been shown that the probability for drop capture increases for higher Bond numbers.


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