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Microplasma jet treatment of bovine serum albumin coatings for controlling enzyme and cell attachment

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We investigated a new approach to control protein and cell attachment inside 96-well polystyrene plates. The wells were first coated with bovine serum albumin (BSA) to inhibit cell and protein attachment. The BSA-coated wells were then treated with a helium microplasma jet for increasing times that resulted in gradual removal of BSA from the surface. It was found that the amount of enzyme and cell attachment could be controlled in the wells where BSA was only partially removed by the microplasma jet. In addition to the surface coverage of BSA, the new surface chemistry induced by the microplasma jet treatment also had an important role in the control of enzyme and cell attachment. In summary, microplasma jet treatment of BSA-coated polystyrene wells is a simple and effective method for controlling enzyme and cell attachment. This might find use for high-throughput screening of new cell culture platforms where control over the level protein, enzyme or cell adherence is needed in order to maintain a specific cell function.


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