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Spontaneous nematic polarisation and deformation in active media

The European Physical Journal Special Topics Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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We explore two minimal macroscopic continuous models with feedback interactions inducing spontaneous nematic polarisation and mechanical deformation of the active medium. In the model based on direct feedback between deformation and ordering, linear stability analysis predicts transition to a uniform deformed nematic state but ordering is frustrated in a constrained geometry. In the model mediated by an active or controlling species, transition to either stationary or wave patterns, depending on the sign of interaction coefficients, is predicted by linear analysis and confirmed by numerical simulations.

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Pismen, L.M., Köpf, M.H. Spontaneous nematic polarisation and deformation in active media. Eur. Phys. J. Spec. Top. 223, 1247–1257 (2014).

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