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Fractional kinetics of glioma treatment by a radio-frequency electric field

  • A. Iomin
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A realistic model for estimation of the medical effect of brain cancer (glioma) treatment by a radio-frequency (RF) electric field is suggested. This low intensity, intermediate-frequency alternating electric field is known as the tumor-treating field (TTF). The model is based on a construction of 3D comb model for a description of the cancer cells dynamics, where the migration-proliferation dichotomy becomes naturally apparent, and the outer-invasive region of glioma cancer is considered as a fractal composite embedded in the 3D space. In the framework of this model, the interplay between the TTF and the migration-proliferation dichotomy of cancer cells is considered, and the efficiency of this TTF is estimated. It is shown that the efficiency of the medical treatment by the TTF depends essentially on the mass fractal dimension of the cancer in the outer-invasive region.


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  • A. Iomin
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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsTechnionHaifaIsrael

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