Analytical studies of heat transport in the peripheral region of a human limb undergoing healing after surgery

  • Emmanuel Kengne
  • Ahmed Lakhssassi
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In the present study, an axisymmetric one-dimensional Pennes bioheat transfer model is used to investigate analytically the heat transport in the peripheral region of a human limb undergoing healing after surgery. The analytical exact solution to the model is presented in terms of modified Bessel functions. Through the found analytical solution, the time-dependent temperature distribution of normal and abnormal tissues is investigated. Effects of different biological parameters like metabolic heat generation, rate of sweat evaporation, variable physiological parameters in dermal layer of peripheral region, and ambient temperature on temperature distribution are also studied.


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  1. 1.Département d’informatique et d’ingénierieUniversité du Québec en OutaouaisGatineauCanada

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