Dufour and Soret effect on heat and mass transfer with radiative heat flux in a viscous liquid over a rotating disk

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Free surface flow of an incompressible viscous fluid over a porous rotating disk with heat and mass transfer with radiative heat flux is studied. The effect of the natural parameters such as Dufour number, Soret number, Prandtl number, radiation parameter, Suction parameter and Schmidt number on the fluid properties are determined and shown graphically. The corresponding skin friction coefficient, the Nusselt number and the Sherwood number are also calculated and displayed in tables showing the effects of various parameters on velocity profile. Individual averaged square residual errors as well as optimal values of converges control parameterconvergence control parameters are also discussed in detail. It is found that Dufour and radiation effects cause reductions in the fluid temperature. The effect of suction decreases the velocities, temperature and concentration profiles significantly in boundary layer. The total averaged squared errors and average squared residual errors are further reduced as the order of approximation is increased. This analysis was performed by means of the Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM) and for validity it is compared with the results of BVP4C numerical routine.


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