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Status of the crystallography beamlines at PETRA III


Since 2013, three beamlines for macromolecular crystallography are available to users at the third-generation synchrotron PETRA III in Hamburg: P11, P13 and P14, the latter two operated by EMBL. Beamline P11 is operated by DESY and is equipped with a Pilatus 6M detector. Together with the photon flux of \( 2\times 10^{13}\) ph/s provided by the very brilliant X-ray source of PETRA III, a full data set can be typically collected in less than 2min. P11 provides state-of-the-art microfocusing capabilities with beam sizes down to \( 1\times 1\) μ m2, which makes the beamline ideally suited for investigation of microcrystals and serial crystallography experiments. An automatic sample changer allows fast sample exchange in less than 20s, which enables high-throughput crystallography and fast crystal screening. For sample preparation, an S2 biosafety laboratory is available in close proximity to the beamline.

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