Inversion of thermodiffusive properties of ionic colloidal dispersions in water-DMSO mixtures probed by forced Rayleigh scattering

  • M. Sarkar
  • J. C. Riedl
  • G. Demouchy
  • F. Gélébart
  • G. Mériguet
  • V. Peyre
  • E. Dubois
  • R. PerzynskiEmail author
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  1. Thermal Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Soft Matter


Thermodiffusion properties at room temperature of colloidal dispersions of hydroxyl-coated nanoparticles (NPs) are probed in water, in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and in mixtures of water and DMSO at various proportions of water, \( x_{\rm W}\). In these polar solvents, the positive NPs superficial charge imparts the systems with a strong electrostatic interparticle repulsion, slightly decreasing from water to DMSO, which is here probed by Small Angle Neutron Scattering and Dynamic Light Scattering. However if submitted to a gradient of temperature, the NPs dispersed in water with ClO4- counterions present a thermophilic behavior, the same NPs dispersed in DMSO with the same counterions present a thermophobic behavior. Mass diffusion coefficient \( D_{\rm m}\) and Ludwig-Soret coefficient \( S_{\rm T}\) are measured as a function of NP volume fraction \(\Phi\) at various \( x_{\rm W}\). The \(\Phi\)-dependence of \( S_{{\rm T}}\) is analyzed in terms of thermoelectric and thermophoretic contributions as a function of \( x_{\rm W}\). Using two different models for evaluating the Eastman entropy of transfer of the co- and counterions in the mixtures, the single-particle thermophoretic contribution (the NP's Eastman entropy of transfer) is deduced. It is found to evolve from negative in water to positive in DMSO. It is close to zero on a large range of \( x_{\rm W}\) values, meaning that in this \( x_{\rm W}\)-range \( S_{\rm T}\) largely depends on the thermoelectric effect of free co- and counterions.

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Topical issue: Thermal Non-Equilibrium Phenomena in Soft Matter 

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Inversion of thermodiffusive properties of ionic colloidal dispersions in water-DMSO mixtures probed by forced Rayleigh scattering


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  • J. C. Riedl
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  • G. Demouchy
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  • F. Gélébart
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  • G. Mériguet
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  • V. Peyre
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  • E. Dubois
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