Four-electrodes DBD plasma jet device with additional floating electrode


A Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) plasma jet in a four electrodes configuration was investigated in order to improve the discharge parameters, such as discharge power and rotational and vibrational temperatures of molecular species in the plasma plume. The improvement attempts were made by introducing an auxiliary floating electrode in a form of a metallic pin inside the DBD device. That piece was placed near the bottom of the main device, centered in relation to the four powered electrodes, which were covered with a dielectric material. By using metallic pins with different lengths, it was observed that there were considerable variations of the plasma parameters as a function of the pin length. Two carrier gases were tested: argon and helium. With helium as the working gas, it was found that there is an optimal pin length that maximizes the plasma power and its vibrational temperature. In addition, it was verified that for the pin of optimum length the relative intensity of light emissions from OH and NO species achieved higher values than in other conditions studied.

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M. Machida, suggested the insertion of a oating electrode into the four-electrodes device. F. Nascimento elaborated the experiments and performed the data analysis. K. G. Kostov assisted in the execution of the experiments, data acquisition and interpretation of the results. S. Moshkalev, as well as the other authors, participated with important discussions about the results achieved in the work.

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Correspondence to Fellype do Nascimento.

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