A density functional study of small sized silver-doped silicon clusters: Ag2Sin (n = 1–13)

  • Cai Yang
  • Song Hao Jia
  • Mao Fen Ma
  • Shuai Zhang
  • Cheng Lu
  • Gen Quan Li
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The structures and electronic properties for global minimum geometric structures of small-sized neutral Ag2Si n (n = 1–13) clusters have been investigated using the CALYPSO structure searching method coupled with density functional theory calculations. A great deal of low-energy geometric isomers are optimised at the B3LYP / GENECP theory level. The optimised structures suggest that the ground state Ag2Si n clusters are visibly distorted compared with the corresponding pure silicon clusters and favor a three-dimensional configuration. Starting with Ag2Si12, one Ag atom is fully encapsulated by the Si outer cages. Based on the averaged binding energy, fragmentation energy, second-order energy difference and HOMO-LUMO energy gap, it is seen that Ag2Si2 and Ag2Si5 are tested to be the most stable clusters, and the chemical stabilities of pure Si n+2 clusters can be reduced to some extent after doping two Ag atoms. Additionally, natural population and natural electronic configuration are discussed and the results reveal that charges transfer from the Ag atoms to the silicon frames and the spd hybridisations are present in all Ag2Si n clusters. Lastly, the results of natural bonds show that the Ag-Si bond in Ag2Si n clusters is dominated by small ionic character.

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  1. 1.Department of Computer Science and Information TechnologyNanyang Normal UniversityNanyangChina
  2. 2.Department of Physics and Electronic EngineeringNanyang Normal UniversityNanyangChina

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