Numerical simulation of dense cesium vapor emission and absorption spectra

  • Berislav HorvatićEmail author
  • Robert Beuc
  • Mladen Movre
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A recent ab initio calculation of Cs2 electronic potential curves and electronic transition dipole moments provided us with an input for the numerical simulation of Cs2 spectra. We investigated the red and near-infrared (600–1300 nm) absorption and emission spectrum of a dense cesium vapor for temperatures within the range 600–1500 K, using a novel time-efficient “semiquantum” approximation (SQA). Our study suggests that the SQA numerical simulation of the spectrum can be an efficient tool for the diagnostics of hot and dense dimer vapors. It also enables modelling of dense alkali vapor light sources.

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Molecular Physics and Chemical Physics 


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  1. 1.Institute of PhysicsZagrebCroatia

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